Welcome to Ramsey Theatre’s Pop-Up Drive-In Movie Theatre in Ramsey, NJ!

The Ramsey Theatre is delighted to provide great family-friendly entertainment to our patrons in a safe environment. The following guidelines have been created to ensure an enjoyable experience for all. Due to COVID-19 Safety Guidelines, we ask that you please consider our requests and policies made below:


  • All sales are final, there are no refunds, exchanges, or transferring tickets to others. Please make sure you will be able to attend when purchasing your tickets. If there is heavy rain in the forecast for a scheduled movie night and we are forced to cancel, we will refund purchases and reschedule the show for a later date.
  • The entrance opens 40 minutes prior to showtime. Please line up at the entrance to the lot until you are checked in. We will assist you in parking once your enter the lot. Movies are expected to start at the scheduled showtime.
  • Reservations are made online; entrance is not permitted without a prior reservation.
  • Theater staff will check you in and then you will be parked. Cars will be lined up in the order they arrive and will be directed on where to park by theater staff. Cars will be parked in the front; SUVs/trucks will be parked in the back rows so there is no obstruction of view for guests. If you would like to be parked next to friends/family, then you must arrive at the same time and be ready on line back to back. We cannot hold spots or wait for other cars to arrive.
  • Out of courtesy to our neighbors, please do not honk your horn in the parking lot. Headlights must be turned off before the movie starts.
  • Movie theaters and Drive-Ins depend on concession sales to continue operating and pay their staff. We encourage our guests to please purchase your concessions so we can keep the Drive-In operating through the summer. We ask patrons to purchase their snacks from our website in advance. All concession orders will be delivered to the guests’ car. A limited amount of concession items (popcorn, beverages, candy) will be available on-site for purchase prior to the start of the movie. Cash only. No outside food is allowed. Anyone visiting the concession table must wear a mask.
  • A portable restroom facility is on-site and is cleaned and sanitized by staff daily and given a weekly service by our vendor. Guests are encouraged to bring their own hand sanitizer or sanitizing wipes. Anyone visiting the restrooms must wear a mask.
  • Children 12 and under must be escorted to concession table and restroom by a parent/adult
  • Ramsey Theatre Gift Cards and Passes are not redeemable at the Drive-In. The Drive-In is being operated through a different system. One car/license plate per purchase for each ticket.
  • No Pets, no alcohol, no smoking, no vaping, no fireworks, no sitting on top of any vehicle at any time.
  • Per NJ law, engines must be shut off, there is no idling allowed.
  • Guests are encouraged to bring battery operated portable fans.
  • No littering. Concession will be provided in a plastic bag to be used for refuse. Please dispose of trash at home.
  • Patrons will not be allowed to re-enter movie night if you have left during the evening.
  • Movie will be broadcast using FM radio signal. If you are concerned that your car battery may not last the duration of the movie, please bring a portable battery-operated FM radio.
  • Patrons are welcome to bring lawn chairs if they so desire. Chairs must be placed in front of the vehicle and not beside the vehicle. This can only be done if all social distance guidelines are adhered to.
  • All cars must exit lot immediately at the end of the movie. Cars cannot remain in the parking lot.
  • Ramsey Theatre T-shirts can be purchased on our website and will be delivered to your car with your concession order.
  • Any disruption or disregard of the guidelines will result in removal from the event.
  • Guidelines are subject to change at any time.
  • Please post your pictures and stories on our Ramsey Theatre Facebook Page!